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WD-40 SPECIALIST Super Penetrating Spray 400ml WD-40 Specialist is a series of products aimed at the most demanding specialists to give them maximum efficiency and facilitate work in their workshops. The series consists of over a dozen products for various applications, for various specialties or industries such as mechanics, electrics, plumbing, construction and many others. In addition to the universal WD-40 rust remover, which will find its application in many situations, it is also worth purchasing specialized WD-40 products dedicated to special tasks. The products have double applicators, thanks to which you can apply them in a wide or narrow, precise stream.


WD-40 SPECIALIST fast penetrant: Perfect for rusty, seized parts and mechanisms Quickly and easily loosens seized or jammed elements and joints thanks to its deep penetrating formula and lubricates even the tightest places, It penetrates perfectly through the layer of rust, threads, wedges, Perfectly displaces water. 


In 1953, in the small lab of the barely fledgling Rocket Chemical company in San Diego, California, three of its staff members developed a line of anti-corrosive solvents and degreasing agents for aviation applications. After 39 unsuccessful attempts to find the right formula, only 40 times did they manage to create an appropriate water-repellent formulation. And that's how WD-40 was created. The name of the preparation "WD-40" refers to this event - it means "Water Displacement, 40th formula" (ie the 40th formula that displaces water). The name was taken directly from the laboratory journal of the chemist who developed this product. The first company to commercially use WD-40 was Convair, an aerospace service provider, to use WD-40 to protect the outer armor of Atlas missiles from rust and corrosion. The formulation proved so effective that several employees took cans of WD-40 home with them to use it there. A few years later, Norm Larsen, founder and president of Rocket Chemical Company, experimented with placing WD-40 in aerosol cans, rightly believing that customers could also use it in their home workshops and garages.



WD-40 SPECIALIST Super penetrerende spray 400 ml

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