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SOCKETNØKLER FOR OLJEFILTER 30 ELEMENTER KIT INNHOLD Klernøkkel, oljefilternøkkel med dobbel funksjon (65-120mm) Kjøreplass: 1/2 ", 3/8" 66mm, 6 vinkler: FIAT, (PUNTO 1.2) RENAULT (CLIO 1.2EXPRESS, CANGOO, RAPID, TWINGO) 65mm, 14 vinkler: HASTINGS, GM / AC WIX, NAPA, PUROLATOR, DIAHATSU, TOYOTA, NISSAN, 65-67mm, 14 vinkler: kanadiske modeller HP4386, HP4967, HP6017, HP6018, DAIHATSU 68mm, 14 vinkler: HASTINGS, MAZDA, FORD ESCORT, CAPRI, SUBARU, FRAN PH6607, MOTORCRAFT FL816 73mm, 14 vinkler: TOYOTA, LEXUS 74mm, 15 vinkel: MF, AUDI, # 056-115-561g, GM, ROVER, CHRYSLER 74-76mm, 15 vinkler: FRAM, AC, STAUM 75-77mm, 15 vinkler: VW, AUDI, CASITE, GM / AC, HASTINGS, WIX, NAPA FORD 76 mm, 8 vinkler: FIAT (MAREA), LANCIA (DELTA) 76 mm, 12 vinkler: FIAT (DUCATTO, SCUDO, ULYSEE), RENAULT (MEGANE, LAGUNA, ESPACE III.) 76mm, 14 vinkler: CHAMPION, CHAMP LEE, PUROLATO, MOPAR, VW, PORSCHE, MERCEDES, BMW, AUDI (A3TD), OPEL 76mm, 30 vinkler: MOTORCRAFT FL400A, FORD 78mm, 15 vinkler: NISSAN # 15208H8991, FORD, TOYOTA ACCORD 80mm, 15 vinkler: HASTINGS, FRAM, PUROLATOR, NISSAN, HONDA, MOTOCRAFT, MAZDA, ISUZU, SUBARU, OPEL, TOYOTA 80-82mm, 15 vinkler: WIX, MAZDA, SUBARU, TOYOTA, HONDA, ACURA, NISSAN, NAPA 86mm, 16 vinkler: VOLVO (S40, S60, S70, S80) 86mm, 18 vinkler: VW GOLF (MKIII. TDI, PASSAT TDI), AUDI (A6 TDI), RENAULT (CLIO. RAPID 1.9D LAGUNA, SAFRANE, ESPACE 2.1D) CITROEN, PEUGEOT 90mm, 15 vinkler: HONDA ACCORD, MITSUBISHI, MOPAR, ISUZU 92mm, 10 vinkler: FIAT, (CINQUECENTO, CUPE, CROMA, PANDA, REGATTA, RITMO, SEICENTO, TEMPRA, TIPO), LANCIA (BETA, DEDRA, KAPPA, MONTE CARLO, PRISMA, TEMA, TREVI) 93mm, 15 vinkler: CASITE, CHAMP, CHAMPION, GM, FRAN, HASTINGS, OPEL, MAZDA, VOLVO, MITSUBISHI, PUROLATOR, WIX, NISSAN, VW, PORSCHE, RENAULT, FORD, HONDA, AUDI 93mm, 36 vinkler: MOTOCRAFT FL1A, FLA1B, FL300, FL820, FORD 93mm, 45 vinkel: VW, AUDI (TDI 2.4, 2.6, 2.8) 95mm, 15 vinkel: TOYOTA # 15600-41010, ALFA ROMEO, GM, FORD, CHRYSLER 96mm, 18 vinkler: AUDI (A4, A6 TDI), VW PASSAT (97TDI), RENAULT (LAGUNA 2.2D, SAFRANE 2.2D, ESPACE 2.2D R19 RAPID, MEGANE 1.9 / 2.1D, TDI) 100mm, 15-sidig: GÅRD, MOTOCRAFT, WIX, ISUZU MITSUBISHI 106mm, 15 vinkel: FIAT (DUCATTO 2.5D, TD) 108mm, 15 vinkler: VOLVO (C70, S70, V70, TDI, TD) (TURBO DIESEL 850 TDI) 108mm, 18 hjørner: RENAULT (ESPACE, LAGUNA, MASTER, SAFRANE, TRAFIC 2.4, 2.5, 2.8 D, TD) Oil filter remover caps set 30Pc We offer various methods of Oil filter removal tools, cap wrenches is another method designed to make the task easier. These wrenches grip the oil filter in a similar way that a socket would which then helps not to damage the filters. Extensive set designed for a wide range of vehicles. * Cap type filter wrenches, made from 7 and 16 gauge steel, will withstand up to 115Nm (85lb.ft) of torque. * Designed to grip like sockets, thereby minimising the possibility of crushed filters. * Includes adjustable oil filter wrench. * Adaptor allows use with 3/8" or 1/2"Sq drive wrenches. * Supplied in blow mould case. Kit contains the following sizes 65MM-14F 65/67MM-14F 66MM 68MM-14F 73MM-14F 74MM-15 74/76MM-15 75/77MM-15F 76MM-12F 76MM-14F 76MM-30F 76MM-8F 78MM-15F 80MM-15F 80/82MM-15F 86MM-16F 86MM-18F 90MM-15 92MM 93MM-15 93MM-36 93MM-45F 95MM-15F 96MM-18F 100MM-15F 106MM-15F 108MM-15F 108MM-15F 3-JAW WRENCH 65-120MM 3/8"Sq drive(M) x 1/2" Sq Drive(F) Material: carbon steel, thickness 1.2MM

Oljefilter avtrekkersett 30 del

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